Sensory Evaluation

Making great tasting products isn’t a subjective effort. If you are relying on the “Golden Taste Buds” of just a few people in your organization, you’re doing it wrong. Creating category leading products isn’t the result of one person, and it certainly shouldn’t be flavored to please one person’s pallet.

Still using qualitative sensory evaluations?
It’s time to level up.

You need a series of sensory evaluation protocols that improve the gathering, measurement, and feedback of all your taste testing activities. From triangle and attribute testing in your lab, to field and large panel testing of new products. You need SensoryQuant.

Sensory Quant

Sensory Quant will change the way you plan, collect, and interpret taste test feedback. Developed by Sensapure Flavors for use in their sensory lab, Sensory Quant is a Three Step set of research protocols and taste tasting methodologies that takes the subjective out of a notoriously subjective exercise

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On-site Sensory Lab

At Sensapure, we have a fully-equipped, on-site sensory lab that we use (and you can use) to evaluate flavors, test product concepts, and gather consumer preference and intent to buy data. Our lab has six tasting stations, with light and ventilation controls to minimize bias. Privacy serving trays, section dividers, and a gather table to hold focus groups.

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Customer Tasting Panels

What if we told you that we know exactly where your customers are, and we can get your new product concept into their hands right now so they can give you valuable feedback? We do this all the time.

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“It is a capital mistake
to theorize before
one has data.”

-Sherlock Holmes

3rd Party Analytical Testing Referrals

After a new product tastes amazing, but before it can go-to market, you’ll need to have your product pass a series of label claim verification, ingredient, and stability tests. Sensapure can help.

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Sensory Tasting App

Cloud-based, real-time, taste panels anywhere. The Sensapure Tasting App allows us to gather specific, measurable feedback from any sized group, anywhere in the world, to better understand how flavor is experienced by each participant. With solid data in hand, our flavor chemists can better translate your individual and group tasting experiences into more accurate flavor edits – and faster flavor approvals.

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SensoryQuant -- Because “data” beats “hunch” every. single. time.

Tap into our powerful, data-based, analytical, sensory evaluation services however you want. Using our in-house Sensory Lab, your own offices, using our fitness gym pop-up panels, or in remote locations around the world, SensoryQuant’s cloud-based platform can gather, analyze and report the data that is more important to you. Better feedback from the right sources equals more sales.

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Experience SensoryQuant

1. Test Your Tasters

Using established sensory evaluation tools such as concentration and identification test, Sensapure will evaluate your team's taste testing skill.

2. Know Thy Audience

Determining whose taste buds matter, matters. One of the most challenging steps is recognizing and acting on the truth that your perception of a product's flavor and preference is not the most important one.

3. Quantitative Over Qualitative

Data matters. Blind, unbiased, triangle, and preference tests are you friends. Sensapure can help train your team to use statistically valid and reliable sensory evaluation methods.