Nice Flavor House!

Yeah, we get that a lot. It’s what working out with a hundred million pounds of nutraceuticals over a dozen years will do to you.

Years Of Experience

You see, Sensapure didn’t just appear out of nowhere. Our story starts long before our founding in 2017. About 15 years before. We started as a wish for better flavor solutions from a leading supplement / nutritional products / functional food and beverage manufacturer. In fact, it was our wish.

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We (the founding team of Sensapure) were in the business of formulating, sourcing ingredients, blending, and packaging powdered supplement products

And we were good at it --  growing fast. And yet, time after time, the biggest problems we had was getting flavors and other flavor modifying ingredients – that worked -- from flavor houses in budget and on time. We tried dozens of them. Some took FOREVER… we’re talking 10-12 week lead times! Others sent flavors that were total weak sauce. Even at the highest usage levels wouldn’t work with some of the active ingredients we were dealing with. With others, the pricing was outrageous. Perhaps the worst part was the complete lack of help from the flavor houses development, flavor science, and application teams when we had questions.
That was our life. We didn’t like being held hostage by the flavor houses that didn’t seem to even want our business. So… when we sold the manufacturing business in 2017, we knew what we needed to do. Sensapure was born.”

Cutting edge Product Development